About Us

About Us

The Fort William First Nation First Response Team provides a wide range of services to the community of Fort William First Nation. The teams primary service is providing emergency response to dispatched 911 medical calls within the community.

Aside from responding to emergency medical calls, the team provides community involvement services such as providing on-site medical coverage to community events as well as public relations for other types of duties.

The First Response Team plays an active role in Emergency Management for the community of Fort William First Nation as well as responding to disaster callouts for neighboring communities if required. The First Response Team provides emergency response to in-community disasters in the event of a large scale incident.

The First Response Team is operated solely by volunteers. Community members and individuals who are not from the community that are interested in helping others and providing emergency response services to our community make up our First Response Team. This skilled team of volunteers are responsible for responding to dispatched 911 calls and treating members of the community when they are experiencing a medical emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Delayed response times from Superior North EMS from the city of Thunder Bay has waranted the deployment of Fort William First Nations First Response Team. In some extreme cases, patients were seeing up to a hour before an ambulance arrived on scene. With the deployment of the First Response Team, there has been a large increase in the response time of a trained individual arriving on scene to provide medical care.

Not only does the First Response Team provide emergent medical care when they arrive on scene to a medical emergency, but they also actively improve Emergency Medical Services in aiding Superior North EMS with obtaining a base set of vitals, patient information and history prior to their arrival.

The First Response Team not only responds to emergency medical calls within the community to provide emergent pre-hospital care but we also provide other community services and programming.

These community services promote proper medical awareness and youth education for medical situations, events and emergencies. The First Response Team provides disaster response to in-community disasters such as outbreaks, floods, forest fires or large incidents that require on-site medical coverage.

Simply visit our Recruitment page and view the requirements to become a First Responder! Fill out our First Responder Application and submit it to start the process!

Once your application has been submitted, a member of the First Response Team will contact you to schedule a interview and to discuss any questions you have about becoming a First Responder! Once the interview is completed and you pass through the application process, you will receive all the required training, gear and equipment to respond to emergency calls within the community!