Position Information:

  • Position Title: Communications Officer
  • Position Type: Volunteer
  • Position Length: N/A

Purpose And Scope Of The Position:

Under the supervision of the Deputy Chief and Chief, the Communications Officer will manage and maintain the fleet of radio communication devices as well as pager units for the Medical First Response Team. The Communications Officer is responsible for ensuring all units are in working condition and ensuring all members receive the proper equipment required to respond.


  • Manage and maintain physical radio and pager units as well as any electronic communication devices for the team.
  • Maintain documents and paperwork regarding all physical and electronic communication devices.
  • Manage all team members who hold a physical radio or pager unit.
  • Ensure all new members receive the proper communication equipment.
  • Responsible for setting up communications for large events and disasters where required.

Working Conditions:

  • Same working conditions as the Volunteer Medical First Responder.
  • Working within the office to manage the fleet of physical radio and pager communication devices.
  • Working within the office to manage paperwork where required.
  • Use of a personal vehicle to respond to emergency calls and disaster response deployments for communication related incidents and setups.

Required Qualifications, Certificates Or Training:

  • Must be a Volunteer Medical First Responder with the Fort William First Nation Medical First Response Team.
  • Must have prior knowledge of basic radio and pager communication systems.
  • Must complete the required Radio Training Course provided by the Medical First Response Team.

How To Apply For This Position:

Contact the Deputy Chief or Chief to inquire about applying to the Communications Officer position. This position will require a formal interview as well as post training that will inquire a orientation on the communication systems as well as paperwork associated with the position.

If you have any questions about the position, please contact the Deputy Chief or Chief.