Disaster Response Deployment

Disaster Response Deployment

The Medical First Response Team can deploy its assets and services to any disaster callout we receive. Our team can provide medical services to some of the examples listed below! Please visit the Contact Us page to inquire further about Disaster Deployment.

  • Community Evacuations (i.e Floods, Forest Fires, Natural Disasters).
  • Community Outbreaks (Influenza & Other Communicable Diseases).
  • Large Natural Disasters.

The Fort William First Nation First Response Team will provide medical services in the event of a disaster callout and deployment. Our team members are trained in Medical First Response and can provide Basic Life Support (BLS) and care to individuals who require medical attention.

In the event of a disaster within a community, having trained medical personnel to provide medical attention to individuals who may require it is essential. Providing trained Medical First Responders to a disaster to provide on-site medical coverage also allows the local Ambulance service to remain free of smaller, more low priority calls.

We currently do not have a online form to submit to request our teams services for a disaster callout. If you or your community requires disaster response and support from our team, please contact the Deputy Chief or Chief using the Team Contacts page.