Emergency Services

Emergent Medical Care

Our team responds to emergent 911 calls that are called within the community. Our First Responders provide medical care prior to an ambulances arrival.

Decreasing Wait Times

Our team actively decreases the time from when someone is in medical distress to when they receive emergent pre-hospital medical care.

Trained Personnel

Our team is comprised of skilled individuals who have completed a number of different mandatory training courses provided by the Ministry of Health Regional Training Program to ensure they have the ability to provide medical services to individuals within our community.

Emergency Services is the service that the Fort William First Nation First Response Team primarily performs for the community. Our team is added to the Tiered Response list for the community. This means, when someone dials 911 and requests an ambulance for a medical emergency, our team is dispatched directly after an ambulance is dispatched.

By our team being dispatched almost simultaneously beside an ambulance, our First Responders primarily arrive on scene to start the base set of care and provide patient comfort until an ambulance arrives on scene.

In some cases, depending on the call priority, an ambulance may take up to a hour or more to arrive to the scene which in this case, our First Responders will remain on scene to provide care until an ambulance crew arrives to transport the individual to the hospital.

By our First Responders being dispatched to emergency calls within the community, we are actively decreasing the time in which someone requests urgent medical assistance to the time in which they receive assistance. In some cases, ambulances can be redirected or backed-up which prolongs response times.

Our First Response team arrives on scene primarily before an ambulance crew to provide life-saving measures if required or provide basic patient care to keep the individual comfortable and safe until an ambulance crew arrives to take the individual to the hospital for further care.