Emergency Services

Trained Personnel

Our team is comprised of skilled individuals who have completed a number of different mandatory training courses to ensure they have the ability to provide medical services to individuals within our community.

Our team responds to a variety of calls within the community. The calls we respond to are called in through someone calling 911. Some of the calls we respond to are as follows.

  • Trauma Calls (Fractures, Bleeding, Slips Trips & Falls, Penetrations, Head & Spinal Injuries, Ect.)
  • Medical Calls (Difficulty Breathing, Chest Pain, Cardiac Arrest, Unconscious, Anaphylaxis, Ect.)
  • Motor Vehicle Collisions (MVC).
  • Search & Rescue Calls
  • Mutual Aid Assisting

Simply visit the Recruitment page and ensure you meet the eligibility requirements. If you meet the eligibility requirements, simply fill out and send your completed application to the email listed on the Recruitment page!

Our Member Services Coordinator will receive your application, review it and get back to you with a date and time to attend a interview!