The Fort William First Nation Medical First Response Team was approached by ISC on July the 15th 2021 to provide medical coverage for the evacuees who were evacuated from Poplar Hill and Deer Lake due to the proximity of burning forest fires in the area of their communities.

The first response team provided on-site medical coverage as well as 24-7 response to non-emergent and semi-emergent medical calls that were called from the Victoria Inn and Valhalla Inn where both communities were hosted.

The first response team provided over 250 hours of on-site coverage as well as responded to over 33 calls within the 30 day period. The goal of providing medical coverage in a event like this is to remove the response of Superior North EMS to low tier or lower priority medical calls, leaving ambulances and crew to respond to more critical and serious calls. The ability of having on-site coverage also allowed for the ambulance service to not back up and push more ambulances into unavailability.

The Fort William First Nation Medical First Response Team was pleased to provide the support and coverage that the evacuated communities required as well as responding to ISC’s request for coverage. The team will be happy to provide future disaster response and coverage in other situations that require medical coverage.

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