First Responder Training Completed!

First Responder Training Completed!

October 25, 2021 News & Updates 0

The Fort William First Nation First Response Team has completed the first training course for our First Responders! This is the first of future courses to deploy our team and services to the community!

The training covered a total of 2 weekends or 6 full days which included First Aid, BLS, Ministry of Health EFR, Compassion Fatigue and more additional training that qualify our First Responders to serve the community and respond to emergency medical calls to help our community members in medical distress.

The Fort William First Nation First Response Team will be holding a Information Session once we receive a date when our team will become active to allow all interested community members or interested individuals to receive information regarding what the team will be providing when we become active as well as ask questions and voice concerns. A date for a Information Session will be posted on our Facebook page and website when one becomes available!

We look forward to serve the community once we are active. There will be a formal notice when our team becomes active and more updates will be posted on our Facebook page as well as our website!

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