House & Property Number Visibility

House & Property Number Visibility

May 27, 2021 Newsletters 0

We would like to remind all residents of Fort William First Nation to keep their house or property number visible from the road at all times!

First Responders rely heavily on the posted house numbers to respond to a emergency call! Without seeing your house, unit or property number from the road, response time could be delayed in a critical time sensitive situation.

A good tip to ensuring your house or property number is visible from the road is by cleaning or cutting overgrown brush that may cover the numbers. Another good idea is to update your old house numbers to something more large and clear to see which will help responders see your house number more easily!

Ensuring your house number is clearly visible from the road enables our first responders to find where they need to go more easily! Where time matters, in a emergency situation, having to find house numbers causes delayed response times!

We appreciate all of the community members who help the first responders! Stay tuned for more updates & newsletters!

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