We are now active!

We are now active!

November 14, 2021 Community Updates 1

We are very excited to announce that our First Response team will become active and start responding to emergency medical calls within Fort William First Nation starting Monday the 15th 2021.

What does this mean for community members of Fort William First Nation? Let me tell you!

  • When someone dials 911 for any medical emergency, the First Response Team will be called in additionally with Superior North EMS. This means that First Responders will usually arrive on scene prior to an ambulance or a fire truck;
  • First Responders will clearly identify themselves and will announce themselves when they arrive to your location;
  • First Responders are trained individuals who can provide medical assistance to individuals who are experiencing a medical emergency. First Responders are trained to Provincial standards by the Ministry of Health.

We are excited to start providing services to the community and deploying our resources to help mitigate the potential loss of life from the extended wait times for an ambulance.

If you have any comments, concerns or questions, please contact Mason Morriseau at (807)631-3117 or by viewing our Contact Us page for additional department contacts.

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