Wellness & Welfare Checks

Non-Emergency Medical Assistance is a service brought to the community members of Fort William First Nation at no cost to individuals who use the service. The service allows for community members to call a 24-7 phone line which will allow them to leave a message including their location, their phone number and a brief message of what they are experiencing.

Once a message is left on the paging number, the message will be sent to the Medical First Response Team. Once the message is received, a Medical First Responder will respond to the location stated in the message to assist you with your medical concerns or issues.

This service is to only be used for non-urgent or in non-emergency situations only. If you require emergent care, please dial 911 instead of using this service.

If you would like to request Non-Emergency Medical Assistance, please dial 624-4422 and follow the voice prompts. The prompts will ask you to leave certain details of your medical situation as well as your location.

Once a message is left, it will be sent to the Medical First Response Team and elicit a response to your location for assistance.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about this service, please contact Mason Morriseau the Medical First Response Team Chief via the Team Contacts page.